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Garage Door Opener Replacement – Whenever you are in need of a replacement or a new commercial garage door opener, all you have to do is contact Davis Garage Doors. We carry various top quality brand openers at affordable rates. If you are having issues with your commercial garage door opener, Davis Garage Doors is here to help you with it! Simply contact us and we will set you up with an appointment.

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Davis Garage Doors has been serving Reseda, CA for more a lot of years. We are proud to provide fast, affordable, and unparalleled services. We keep on training our dispatch staff and our technicians on the latest developments that hit the industry. Thus, they can arrive on time and prepared to fix any door issue – small or big. With our fast and affordable maintenance services, we can offer you the service you require to make sure your garage doors are in excellent condition.

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Whenever your garage door opener provides you issues, turn to a professional. Davis Garage Doors provides all the things you require to keep your garage door opener in perfect working order. We provide reliable service at affordable rates. We ensure that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your new opener repair or installation. Davis Garage Doors is available 24/7 in any kind of emergency situation.

Our technicians always deliver a professional manner to every single one of our job. They will communicate and treat our clients with the honesty and respect that you deserve. We always arrive in no time, clean up and finish all the products promptly and properly. Contact us today for Garage Door Opener Replacement.

What to Do When My Garage Door Won't Open?

First of all, you should not panic since this might be because of something very simple.  You should first check the remote. Make sure that the LED light is glowing whenever you press the button.  If that isn’t the case, there’s a high chance that it’s simply a dead battery in the remote. Almost every garage door opener is supplied with more than one remote control. Thus, look for the other remote. You need to ensure that you replace a new battery to the dead remote. 

Do you have other ways to get inside your garage? If the garage door is the only way in, you should not panic. You should immediately contact us. We can help you to get back to your garage in no time. 

If the problem isn’t on the remote, the next thing you should do listen to the motor. If you can’t hear anything, the motor is likely dead. Perhaps there is no power in your garage. Thus, you should inspect the interior light. If the light also dead, you should inspect the house panel to see if the garage circuit has tripped. 

If the motor is still operating, the next thing you should do is manually open the door. There’s a high possibility that there are some damages to the door springs or the system itself if you can’t open the door manually. Examine visually to see that all of the door rollers are still internally engaged within their tracks. You shouldn’t attempt to move it if you see some detached mechanisms. If this is the case, you should immediately contact us. 

It still might be possible to lift the door with damaged cables or springs. However, it will be heavy and might become detached. Thus, it’s ideal to ask for help when opening it. 

Any garage door with damaged cables or springs that have been detached from the system will possibly fall back down again if it isn’t supported, even when it is completely open. A garage door with damaged springs will quickly fall. That is why you have to ensure that the door can be supported or propped open before driving your car out in this case.

You can examine the sensors to see if anything has fallen in front of them. You can do this if there are no physical obstructions in the system. These sensors function on a thin photo-electric beam. 

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We do our best to be the best in the industry! We’ve been the garage door opener repair professionals in Reseda, CA for a lot of years. We provide same-day service. If you have an issue with your garage door openers, all you have to do is contact us and we can be on our way to your property in no time. Our goal is always to provide you fast and high-quality repair of your garage door opener at an affordable rate. We can fix all makes and models of garage door openers. Call Davis Garage Doors today to schedule your Garage Door Opener Replacement, maintenance or installation service appointment. 

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